Pokemon Go Hacks and Cheats for Free Pokecoins Online – 10 Tips and Tricks Included for You to Become the Ultimate Trainer

Pokemon Go has become a viral sensation of this decade in the gaming arena. Currently breaking bundle of records, the game has been the center of attention of every young and old for the past month or so. Although it was quite famous in Japan, having been released back in March this year, the game garnered praise and popularity once it was released for US and other parts of the world. Being an addictive game, Pokemon Go lures its players with its traditional tag line, “Catch them all” and offers a number of bonuses while the players collect Pokemons. Pokecoins and candies are a couple of those bonuses where each serve a specific and fruitful purpose to the player. We will talk about our pokemon go hack tool including some really awesome tips and tricks in the following article.

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Now, enough with the description of the game, lets dive into what all of you are looking for; the Pokemon Go hack and cheats mentioned in the 10 tips and tricks for you to become the ultimate Pokemon Go trainer, they are:

  1. Try Parking Lots for More Pokemon: Starting off with a very simple trick which you might not know; if you want to catch lots and lots of Pokemon quickly, then give parking lots a try. For some unknown reason, parking lots tend to have many different Pokemon inviting the players to catch them all.
  2. Free Pokecoin at the Gym: If you have pondered over how to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go then here is a neat little trick. Once you reach level five, take over or join an existing gym for your Pokemon Go team. You can then choose a Pokemon to place in the gym to defend it. For however long you can defend your gym, you will get 10 new Pokecoins for free every 21 hours. Also, for suppose if you place 10 Pokemon to defend 10 gyms, you will get 100 Pokecoins daily.
  3. Get Pickachu Right in the Start: Another amazing Pokemon go hack includes getting Pickachu right from the start. The hack dictates that when users start up the game for the first time, they are given the options to either select Charmandar, Squirtle or Bulbasar. Instead of selecting anyone of these, the users need to start physically walking away from that particular area while all three Pokemon will continuously spawn next to them. Due to their continuous walking the Pokemon will keep spawning the users and sometime after fourth spawn Pickachu will appear for selection.
  4. Get More Bonus XPs by efficiently using Your PokeBall: The mundane idea of catching a Pokemon is simple; to toss the PokeBall into the shrinking ring around the Pokemon and land it on their nose or head. But there are ways which can help you to catch the Pokemon and get more bonus XPs at the same time. So whatever bonus you aim for, you need to hold the ball to let the shrinking ring show and then toss the PokeBall at the correct moment.
  5. PokeBalls and Razz Berries Can Make a HUGE Difference: Since it should be understandable to the players of Pokemon up till now that standard PokeBalls cannot contain a rare Pokemon as they are reactive and might get a chance to run away from you. So they need to be fed Razz Berries to make them lull to make catching them an easier job.
  6. Get More Candy by Trading Duplicate Pokemon: Even if you already have a Pokemon, don’t shy away from catching it again as a duplicate because duplicate Pokemon can be traded to Professor Willow for free Candy.
  7. Hack with Incense: If you are not in the mood of walking or are simply in a boring class, you can still play Pokemon Go by hacking it with Incense. This neat Pokemon Go cheat i.e. the use of Incense items will make Pokemon spawn near you. A single use of Incense items will last for 30 mins and can easily bring about five to six Pokemon to you.
  8. Lucky Eggs are Your Best Friend: Lucky eggs should always be used wisely. They help to boost XP quickly and they keep on increasing for at least 30 minutes. Apart from the Lucky Eggs the game provides to all its players after Level 9 they can also be purchased in the store.
  9. Spoof Your GPS: Just like you can hack the game with Incense, you can spoof your GPS too, to achieve the same purpose. Although this is not recommended as it can put you at serious risk of being banned by Niantic but if you still want to try it out then you can download a GPS Spoofer app on your phone, no matter its android or iPhone, and spoof your GPS location.
  10. Power Saver Mode for the Win: One last tip friendly tip, as we all know that Pokemon Go drains the hell out of our batteries, but it also provides us with the option of “battery saver mode” within the game. All you need to do is tap the PokeBall, go into Settings and from there select “battery saver mode”.

If all these tips and tricks are still not enough for you, then we recommend that you try out our Pokemon Go hack Free Pokecoins Generator, its 100% working, ready to spice up your gaming experience of this amazing game!

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